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So What's Best for My Body Shape?

Don't we all know how some styles look good on some and not on others? It's important to know our own body shapes to pick the best dressing that will make us look poised and sexy. So what's the preferred style for the shape? Let's take a look.   Hourglass: The key is accentuate those natural curves such as corsets which will add definition so will teddies and bodysuits which will wear out beautifully, Vintage inspired lingerie with a high waist-line brings out that tiny waist in you!  Inverted Triangle:  AKA V or Pear-shaped. Usually with smaller waist and hips, fuller busts and wide shoulders, babydolls normally will draw attention away from the small hips. Complete it with low-rise panties starting...

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What's Your Lingerie Style?

Flawless women always seem sure about their attire and oozes confidence and sensuality. When it comes to you, do you know what styles best help you carry you with poise and enhances your shape? Let's explore. Chemise: This usually helps give that little bit of formal but yet casual sexy look. Some opt for knee-length gowns, dropping just slightly above the knee that gives a 'perfect lady' look but also helps keep you comfortable. Close-fitting ones gives an added coy style with comfort and sensuality.   Corset: It's an instant 'Wow' appeal, right? Yes and most of us would instinctively go 'Wow' when we see one. These are the slightly sexier version of Chemise, usually laced up front or back...

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Why Lingerie?

Many couples are facing issues with regards to the lack of intimacy after being together for a period of time. However, many of them also overlooked the other options to further improve their relationship. It just takes one person to start making a change to your life. Why not let that person be you? Let your partner know that you are making the effort in the relationship and work it out for both of you. When you start looking back in the future, you would not have any room for regrets because you have tried and done what you could to revive the spice between the both of you.  Lingerie and Marriage The undertaking of different roles through the use...

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The Correlation between Love & Sex  Love should be the only reason for Sex as LOVE is sacred (i.e. dedicated to a purpose e.g. marriage, a person e.g. spouse).. Romantic love, sex, and sexual desire are so closely intertwined that it might seem almost impossible to disentangle them. Though research has also shown that romantic relationships can exist in the absence of sexual desire, even during the beginning stages where they may be at their most romantically passionate.  [Diamond, L.M. (2004). Emerging perspectives on distinctions between romantic love and sexual desire. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 13, 116–119.]   Abstracts from articles relating to the co-relation between Love & Sex: " One explanation for why sexual desire tends to be so strong at the...

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