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Top 8 Signs of a Strong Relationship

Why do some relationships end ever so quickly at the slightest unhappiness? Yet, there are those who withstand time and tide, against all odds, stay deeply in love regardless of time. Is it the willingness to try new things together? Is it those little never-ending squabbles that brings people closer? Is it the acceptance of each other's quirks through the years? Whilst we think it is, these aren't the only indications.  For couples still in their early years, it can be rather intimidating. Wanting to walk through life together for a whole lifetime is certainly not an easy feat. Surely, it's not tolerance which is very different from acceptance. After all, every person has limitations to tolerance. How do couples...

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How We made Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Interviews by Ben Beaumont-Thomas John Gray: ‘I grew up with five brothers and then became a monk – so women were from another planet’ ‘I’d just seen ET’ … John Gray, whose 1992 book is still a bestseller. Photograph: Glade Truitt John Gray, author I was a monk in the 1970s, working as an assistant to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. My world was meditation and yoga, but my brother was bipolar, and meditation didn’t work for him. So I studied psychology to try to help him, eventually becoming a therapist. I grew up with five brothers and, after I became a monk and lived around men, was celibate. So when I started being around women, they were from another planet. Some of...

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Is Sex Possible During Pregnancy?

Expecting a new baby but sometimes wonder if it's possible to still have sex during your pregnancy? This blog highlights some common issues and concerns couples have about sex during pregnancy.                      Reference: Pregnancy causes so many bodily changes. Many mums-to-be are often likely to feel nauseous frequently and even start vomiting without any notice, especially in the mornings. Higher smells sensitivity is observed as well for specific foods or things. You won't believe how you may suddenly start to hate certain smells that you used to love or vice versa. We know of mums who hated durians during their pregnancy, but had loved durians so much before! Or very often, you...

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Things You Should Never to Do in Bed

Whether you’re frolicking with a new partner or the love of your life, banishing these habits from the bedroom will keep you happier, both in and out of the sheets. Here we got you some couple loving tips on what not to do in bed.  Don’t assume you’ve got all the right moves ISTOCK/SHIRONOSOV Feel you've got all the moves? It’s impossible to know your partner’s desires right off the bat. “Everyone has personal preferences," says sexologist Gloria Brame, PhD. Communication is critical to all aspects of the relationship, and by working to understand what your partner prefers, you’ll be building a more fulfilling physical and emotional relationship. (Related: Check out these unexpected health benefits of regular sex.)   Don’t make...

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