Do you want to be your own boss? Pursue your dreams. Success starts with taking action. 

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Are you thinking what's the easiest business to start and get into? The truth is - there aren't any businesses that are truly easy to start or to get into. Setting up a business involves a lot of commitment, know-hows and risks. If you still aren't ready to give it all up yet but wanna start small, Amour's goal is to support you and your business. 

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Setting up your business with Amour La Façon is made as simple as we can for you. That's our aim. We want to help support you to become the business entrepreneur you have always wanted to be. Low or no capital. No gimmicks. Read on to find out more.

If you checked out Amour's range of fashion apparel, you'll see a good varied range of men & women fashion apparel from petite to plus sizes such as tops, bottoms, swimwear, club & party wear such as dresses, formal tops and skirts, sexy lingerie & underwear. Available for retail, wholesale and distributorship opportunities.

There is also a wide selection of cosplay costumes, Christmas lingerie, Halloween costumes, sexy lingerie too at very competitive prices.

We've made global shipping available too with reputable and reliable courier services such as DHL, FedEx, DPEX, RoadBull or Ninja Van for local deliveries and more. This is so that your business could be made instantly international. 

amour lingerie global shipping courier service

There are a couple of options to choose from for your business start-up. You could either: 

1. As a wholesaler - wholesale purchase with inventory on hand. This is ideal if you wish to procure items yourself and provide instant or quicker delivery to your customers. 


2. Register with us for the dropship model. There is no upfront capital. Reliable delivery to the customer included too.

amour lingerie drop shipping model diagram

Working on option 2 helps your business with a positive cash-flow cycle and eliminates the need for upfront inventory which can be quite an investment. It simply means that you need not make any payments until you get a sale! 

What exactly is dropshipping? It is a trusted business model where we do the work for you. When you get a sale, you make the order with us at special prices. We process the order and even do the shipment for you to complete the sales cycle to you and your customer. This one-stop service certainly will save you a lot of hassle and time. 

amour lingerie drop ship biz plan

This method is popular in that it reduces the capital risk for our business partners. Amour will take care of the whole order process for you once you make your order with us. It's often seen as an ideal way to move forward dreams using this model.

The difference to start your dreams off with Amour is that it not only involves minimal capital. We will support you even if it was just a 1-piece order for a start.

As with any successful online stores, business owners need to invest time, a quality website, marketing and distinctive customer services. This model does provide start-ups with quicker set-up and get to leverage on our capital without having to invest your own. Build the foundation of your very own successful online store with our support.

You'll love to know:

  • We ship worldwide offering door-step delivery service. 
  • No prices are shown on the packaging and we do not insert our details into the package either.
  • Customers often prefer non-distinctive packaging. So we pack stuff into plain packaging. 
  • No hidden charges - all charges (if any) are upfront.
  • Amour do not dictate pricing. So you decide on the pricing yourself though we do advice to follow our reference pricing. 
  • There is no minimum order requirement for your dropship order. As we mentioned earlier, we will process for you even if it is a single order.
  • Shipment tracking is available for you and your customers.

Wholesale Pricing

Here are the wholesale discounts you'll need for your number crunching. The discount rates are offered on a tiered basis. No matter at which point you wish to start, we have something for every business.

Purchase Amount


$500 - $999

up to 25%

$1,000 - $1,499

up to 30%

$1,500 - $1,999

up to 35%

< $4,999

up to 45%

$5,000 and above

up to 50%

Start fulfilling your dreams now! Take action today!

Drop us an email now for a quick account set-up and bingo... there you are - THE Boss.