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Improve Any Relationship Almost Immediately with 10 Small But Significant Romantic Gestures

Expensive jewellery and trips to Paris? Nope. Ten women explain why the small, romantic gestures matter more. PHOTO: ISTOCK 1. Morning tea Boston, USA, resident and architectural designer Lily Piper Worth appreciates how her husband makes tea for her every morning. She's a health-conscious person who enjoys yoga and acupuncture, so it's a meaningful gesture. "He makes tea that includes local honey, a lemon and hot water in a BPA-free bottle he bought me," she says. Lisa Bahar, MA, a licensed psychotherapist, explains that small thoughtful gestures are "reassuring indicators that communicate commitment and love and most of all, respect." Whether it's putting dirty socks in the hamper instead of leaving them on the floor or getting fuel for her...

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Making Relationships Work

Do you feel unappreciated at times? Or taken for granted? Sometimes find that 'fire' is not quite there? You are not alone. GIPHY Most of us know that relationships require effort and even courage for it to last a lifetime. So, what is it that sees some couple through and age together lovingly? Is it a science or an art? We at Amour think it's a combination of both. We aren't talking about diamonds or flowers. Seriousy, it's a whole load of stuff. Let's start simple. Taking Niceties to the Next Level Sounds basic right? How many couples have you seen being really nice to each other enough? Not being nice that could be rather damaging. I mean, we show kindness and say Thank...

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Irresistible Life Hacks

You probably have at one time or another come across hacks in everyday life shared by friends and family. Maybe even searched Google, Yahoo or Bing for them. Some #DIY #hacks sound almost unbelievable and heck it does save us a whole load of pain. It's amazing how plain simple creativity works wonders and some help beautify at the same time too. There's the tennis ball multi-everything holder. Or the Lego / Playmobil building blocks figurines holding on to those handphone cables. They sure look like fun. Why haven't we thought of them before? Hmm.... Here are more sexy hacks we found absolutely nifty.  Hairspray Thought hairspray is just for hair? You won't believe just how much more it can do....

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Look Good and Feel Good in Lingerie

Wearing stylish lingerie is a perfect way to spice things up in the bedroom. However, many women don't have the confidence to wear revealing underwear in front of their partner. But no matter what your body shape and size, there's a style of lingerie that will bring out your best features and your own uniqueness. With a little confidence and the right choices, you can feel sexy in lingerie. There's nothing more real than being yourself. Have you noticed that self-confident people always seem more attractive? They just seem to ooze self-belief and sex appeal - an irresistible combination! Boost your confidence!It's easy to feel more confident and sexy when you're wearing seductively sexy lingerie. Just knowing that you’re dressed...

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Lingerie is a staple of any woman's wardrobe and modern man's too.  Lingerie choices varies monumentally on a day-to-day basis (and sometimes moment-to-moment) to reflect her changing mood and desires.  Not every day is a thong and garter belt day, nor is every day a commando or costume day.  There is a time, place, and motive for every lingerie choice. Many times, it’s the mood of the moment.                   A lingerie piece gives some insight into a woman's heart and mind.  What's under that stuffy black power suit?  Well, if it's a lacy red thong and matching sheer panties there's a good bet that the woman in question isn't all business as one...

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