Making Relationships Work

Making Relationships Work

Do you feel unappreciated at times? Or taken for granted? Sometimes find that 'fire' is not quite there? You are not alone.

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Most of us know that relationships require effort and even courage for it to last a lifetime. So, what is it that sees some couple through and age together lovingly? Is it a science or an art? We at Amour think it's a combination of both. We aren't talking about diamonds or flowers. Seriousy, it's a whole load of stuff. Let's start simple.

Taking Niceties to the Next Level

amour lingerie - keep calm and be niceSounds basic right? How many couples have you seen being really nice to each other enough? Not being nice that could be rather damaging. I mean, we show kindness and say Thank You and Please to our friends and colleagues right? Why are couples not being kind enough to each other? The occasional niceties are going to level things up a bit. Being nice makes you feel good yourself too. Try it!


Turning Back Time

Yes, we do mean turn back the clock literally. Taking a step back isn't always bad. Was there a something special you've done for your partner when you were newlyweds that made both your day? Surprising your partner with flowers, sexy lingerie or just writing love notes or sexting? (You see, we did say being nice helps you feel good too.)

amour sexy lingerie unlock the heartIt's about reconnecting. Doing special things for your partner that made you both happy as newlyweds help reminisce those warm loving moments. Feel that love again.       


Make Fights Small

How many times have sometimes little arguments suddenly take a turn for the worse? People, realise that it's what you are saying that is making that impact. How about going out for walks together to talk it out together. Being in public helps with awareness. If that's not your cup of tea, try a Kit-Kat, ie, time-out.

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A time-out is great to keep in check temper flares and revise what you would like to say to your partner. Knowingly saying things can help keep fights small. And finally, you can make out once things are worked out. Amour's sexy lingerie definitely will help with the romantic workings.

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Setting the Right Focus

Ramour lingerie relationship misfocusecognising what your partner has brought to the relationship rather than you wish they would bring sets expectation misalignment which increases miscommunication between couples. Putting the focus on realistic actions and the actual effort contributed emphasises what had been right and what would work for both of you.


These reminders do sound simple don't they? In the busy world these days, it's easy to forget and at times take things for granted. 

Try them out and find the best options for your relationship. Of course, not forgetting that adding on those sexy lingerie are going to spice things up a little. Wouldn't that be nice? Yeah, we thought so too.

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