Look Good and Feel Good in Lingerie

Look Good and Feel Good in Lingerie

Confident women in lingerie

Wearing stylish lingerie is a perfect way to spice things up in the bedroom. However, many women don't have the confidence to wear revealing underwear in front of their partner. But no matter what your body shape and size, there's a style of lingerie that will bring out your best features and your own uniqueness. With a little confidence and the right choices, you can feel sexy in lingerie. There's nothing more real than being yourself.

Have you noticed that self-confident people always seem more attractive? They just seem to ooze self-belief and sex appeal - an irresistible combination!

Boost your confidence!
It's easy to feel more confident and sexy when you're wearing seductively sexy lingerie. Just knowing that you’re dressed to impress beneath your clothes can do wonders for your self-confidence!

If you're not used to wearing sexy lingerie, then start with something simple like a pretty bra and briefs set to boost your confidence. It's bound to make you feel good about yourself knowing you look as good underneath your clothes as you do with them on!

Once you feel more confident, slip on something a bit more daring like an exquisite bra, shortie brief and waspie (similar to a waist cincher) set to make you feel yourself feel instantly more sexy! And wearing something seductive like a babydoll, chemise or negligee to bed can do wonders for your love life too!

But whether you're wearing sexy lingerie for yourself or for your partner, the effect is the same - you'll instantly feel more confident and sexy.

Feel sexy!
There’s something very sensual about wearing sexy lingerie - a basque and sexy thong, stunning lingerie set, or a sexy silky body can make you feel very good about yourself. Don’t worry if you feel you don’t have the perfect body - we all have our hang ups about how we look, even celebrities. Plus wearing sexy underwear will help ensure all his attention is drawn to your best bits! But it can definitely help to know what types of lingerie will best suit your body type, and knowing your best assets can help you decide which what kind of lingerie is right for you.

We're used to picking flattering colours and styles for our clothes, but it can be easy to forget to do this when it comes to lingerie. So if you've already decided the best style of lingerie for your figure, just make sure you pick a flattering colour too. Whilst black has always been the traditional colour for sexy lingerie and can definitely look very sexy and flattering, there are lots of other terrific colours to choose from! Like red – a very hot, sexy colour that just screams confidence! Depending on the shade of red it can look amazing on blondes and brunettes alike. Whilst white is the elegant classic choice for wedding nights or honeymoons, but combining it with a very sexy style can also look amazingly hot! If you like pale colours but white isn’t quite right for you, try a soft ivory or a pastel shade instead. There’s a terrific choice of styles and colours to choose from, so whatever your colouring, or favourite colour, you’re bound to find something sexy to suit you.

Enhance your love life
If it feels like the spark has gone out of your love life, or you just want to spice things up a bit, then sexy lingerie can be a great way to bring the fire back to your sex life. Maybe you feel a little bit taken for granted and just want your partner to sit up and take notice of you! Well wearing sexy lingerie is guaranteed to catch his attention and please him. In fact it's top of most men's fantasy lists, not to mention one of their biggest complaints that the women in their lives don't wear enough sexy lingerie!

sexy lingerie love life

Try wearing a sexy sheer babydoll or chemise to bed. There’s something so seductive about the babydoll it’s guaranteed to raise his temperature! Plus it’s also great for showing off your legs! Wearing see-through lingerie is a very sexy choice that’s bound to please, but if you want to cover up a bit more try sexy sheer lingerie instead. It’s great for hiding any areas you’re not completely confident about, whilst still looking wildly sexy!

For special occasions, or when you just want to feel gorgeous, try some designer lingerie or a sexy chemise and matching thong. You can enhance all your best points with a flattering basque and matching g-string, or go retro with a sexy strapless corset and string!

floral lace push up bra

Whichever style you choose, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you! Music and candlelight can be great for setting a romantic scene but there's nothing like sexy lingerie to turn your partner on!

And don't forget, no matter how great your sexy lingerie looks, the appeal isn’t just visual! Feeling soft silk, lace or satin against your skin is a sensual pleasure and one that your partner will appreciate too!


Adapted from Bikimiography.com 
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