Why Lingerie?

Why Lingerie?

Many couples are facing issues with regards to the lack of intimacy after being together for a period of time. However, many of them also overlooked the other options to further improve their relationship. It just takes one person to start making a change to your life. Why not let that person be you? Let your partner know that you are making the effort in the relationship and work it out for both of you.

When you start looking back in the future, you would not have any room for regrets because you have tried and done what you could to revive the spice between the both of you. 

Lingerie and Marriage

The undertaking of different roles through the use of lingerie and costumes can enhance mystery and pleasure between couples. Underwear was considered necessary to the erotic initiation of a marriage and lingerie was presented as being as important as good silverware or as a well decorated house since the erotic role of it is in the act of making love and ongoing seduction of one's husband (Barbier M. & Boucher S., 2004).  

Good lingerie adds spice

We have seen many women in a committed relationship complaining about lack of passion in the relationship. Good lingerie will change all of that. It is a breath of fresh air, set to send the temperatures soaring. Wouldn’t you love to see a naughty gleam in your partner’s eyes the minute he sees you in that sexy laced black lingerie after work? Let the fun times begin! (MagForWomen, n.d.). 





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