So What's Best for My Body Shape?

So What's Best for My Body Shape?

Don't we all know how some styles look good on some and not on others? It's important to know our own body shapes to pick the best dressing that will make us look poised and sexy. So what's the preferred style for the shape? Let's take a look.

amour body shape types most suitable lingerie designs and styles


Hourglass: The key is accentuate those natural curves such as corsets which will add definition so will teddies and bodysuits which will wear out beautifully, Vintage inspired lingerie with a high waist-line brings out that tiny waist in you! 

Hourglass body shape best skirt dress style design

Inverted Triangle:  AKA V or Pear-shaped. Usually with smaller waist and hips, fuller busts and wide shoulders, babydolls normally will draw attention away from the small hips. Complete it with low-rise panties starting at the widest part of the hips and preferably with ruffles or bows detailing to add volume to the hips to create the gorgeous shape. If you are searching for bras, full coverage or balconette bras will certainly give a wonderful lift and support.

Inverted triangle body shape best skirt dress style design

Rectangular: Adding volume to the bust and hips will help create curves. Styles with ruffles or bunching will certainly help create a fuller hip or breasts. Corsets cinching at the waist will help make it look smaller than the breasts or hips, giving it a view of a shapely figure.

Rectangular body shape best skirt dress style design

Pear: Hips and thighs a little bigger, small waist and bust, In bras, demi-cups with padding are great and helps create more cleavage. Chemise or slips are perfect in skimming the body and does not add unnecessary volume. Together with boy-short panties that covers the wider hips, who says pears can't look shapely?!

Pear body shape best skirt dress style design

Apple: 15% of women according to a study has this shape. Top heavy figures with slim arms and lefts and wide shoulders are beautiful with scintillating one-piece v-necks bringing attention to your neck down to the chest. The idea is to draw away attention from where-ever you desire. Babydolls would be pretty flattering. So apples are pretty much versatile!

Apple body shape best skirt dress style design

Whatever shape you are, it's most irresistible to see women oozing confidence in their own shape and sizes. Knowing how to accentuate your best parts will help you look more attractive than ever. So have loads of fun dolling up ladies! That's the sort of fun men don't really get quite as much as women do. 

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