What Colours are Best for Me?

What Colours are Best for Me?

We had in our previous blog explored various styles of lingerie for our very own figure shape to bring out the best in us. What about colours? Do they really matter? At one time or another, you would have tried out different make-up colours and realised how different colours can have an effect on you. In the same breadth, the theory is about the same. You might have found that certain clothing colours seemed to make you look better? Yes, that's the effect we are talking about. So, let's look at colours that will possibly suit your skin tone best.


First, let's determine your skin tone.

A common trick in the beauty industry is to divide complexions into “seasons”. The outcome is that these "seasons" categories are based less on the exact colour of your skin but more on the rather elusive undertones, which actually plays a much larger part in choosing flattering hues in clothing!


Winter: People with wintery colouring have blue or very rosy pink undertones to their skin. This includes very pale, yellow-ish, very dark skin tones and usually, dark eyes. Many Asians, African-American and natural blondes fall into this “cool” category.

Preferable colours: Black, White, Navy, blue, Dark Red, Hot ink, Light Blue, Pink and Yellow.


Summer: The other “cool” complexion out there is the summery one.

Women with summer skin can also have blue undertones, but are more likely to have very pink ones.  Skin is usually very pale and pink, and hair is usually blonde.

Preferable colours: Powder Blue, Dusty Pink, Mauve, Lavender, Plum and Pale Yellow


Autumn: Women with autumn colouring have warm, golden undertones in their skin. Many redheads and brunettes with golden brown eyes or golden flecks in their irises fall into this category, although some golden blondes and black-haired women are autumns, as well.

Preferable colours: Camel, Beige, Olive Green, Orange, Gold, Dark Brown, Dark Grey and Red


Spring: Spring skin tones are the other type of warm skin tones out there. These women usually have very pale skin that is peachy rather than pink, like winters, and generally have natural red, strawberry blonde or very light blonde hair. Very clear blue or green eyes are usually indicative of spring colouring.

Preferable colours: Peach, Camel, Golden Yellow, Golden Brown, Aqua, Bright Green, True Reds, Ivory and Coral

Check out the colour charts and let us know what your discoveries too! As the saying goes, sharing is caring. Have a whale of a fun time trying out the colours!

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