What's Your Lingerie Style?

What's Your Lingerie Style?

Flawless women always seem sure about their attire and oozes confidence and sensuality. When it comes to you, do you know what styles best help you carry you with poise and enhances your shape? Let's explore.

  • Chemise: This usually helps give that little bit of formal but yet casual sexy look. Some opt for knee-length gowns, dropping just slightly above the knee that gives a 'perfect lady' look but also helps keep you comfortable. Close-fitting ones gives an added coy style with comfort and sensuality.  

    • Corset: It's an instant 'Wow' appeal, right? Yes and most of us would instinctively go 'Wow' when we see one. These are the slightly sexier version of Chemise, usually laced up front or back or both; and are short and structured usually (though there are the softer ones) to give you the sexy appeal and a sumptuous look. Corsets look restrictive, but they are not so long as they are worn with a snug (not tight) fit, providing freedom and flexibility and of course, enhancing sex appeal. Corsets certainly brings up any lady's figure, busting them up into a piping hot one. It's certainly a most preferred style today. 
    • Babydoll: Babydoll gowns arouses the appeal as emphasis is on the bust, minimises the waist and accentuate those beautiful thighs and usually short, giving it a "cutie-pie" yet sexily attractive. 

    So what's your style?

    Shop online in privacy today and find the one that fits you best!

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