Is Sex Possible During Pregnancy?

Is Sex Possible During Pregnancy?

Expecting a new baby but sometimes wonder if it's possible to still have sex during your pregnancy? This blog highlights some common issues and concerns couples have about sex during pregnancy. 

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Pregnancy causes so many bodily changes. Many mums-to-be are often likely to feel nauseous frequently and even start vomiting without any notice, especially in the mornings. Higher smells sensitivity is observed as well for specific foods or things.

You won't believe how you may suddenly start to hate certain smells that you used to love or vice versa. We know of mums who hated durians during their pregnancy, but had loved durians so much before! Or very often, you may feel absolutely tired not knowing why, and don't feel up to a lot of intimacy with your partner too.

As both of you are quite cautious about the new baby coming into this world, what’s the first thought that crosses your mind? Are you thinking is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Well, you aren't the only ones thinking that. There are several common issues men and women might face that deserves consideration for exploring these issues further. 

Common issues faced:

Not everyone is comfortable with pregnancy sex.  You may find yourself trying to have sex with your partner, but find yourself stopped short by your own personal thoughts and concerns. This may distant you and your partner and affect your relationship.

Finding support and being supportive is going to make all the difference at this stage. Remember the four-letter word - TALK. It is important to find time to talk about some of these issues that most couple face or have concerns about sex during pregnancy.

  • Nausea: This is the first and foremost problem most pregnant women experience. Pregnant mums' stomachs often feels bloated and achy. And with the feel of vomiting every other heartbeat away, usually in the mornings, sex obviously is not going to be on her mind. This irritable nauseating sensation is one of the main reasons why she can't get into the intimate mood. At least not just yet. 
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  • Fear of hurting baby: As new parents, it is natural to feel additionally cautious to your unborn child’s health. Parents might think that having sex might hurt the baby inside. Most of the time, it doesn't. Safe & gentle sex is possible during pregnancies.  However, if your pregnancy has been dubbed as high risk, it’s quite possible that the doctor may order, for few initial months, for you to refrain. Check back with the doctor later on for the thumbs up for future sexual activities. 

  • Abdominal cramps: There are times when she feels quite intolerant of her abdominal cramps. It is out of their control and such cramps can get pretty painful. It also causes them great distress worrying about the viability of their pregnancy. This certainly is not a good time to try intimacy, especially during the time when she is physically suffering painful cramps towards the lower abdomen region. Daddies can show some support simply by offering words of comfort. A gentle sweet rub on the tummy could help her feel more relieved and loved. That's all she really needs sometimes.
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  • Always feeling tired: Mums-to-be, do you often find yourself feeling very tired or sleepy? Due to the aggressive hormonal change period, it is very normal to feel fatigue most of the time during pregnancy. Growing a baby inside you isn't easy. Find time to rest as often as you can get. Fathers-to-be, leave the matter on her hands. If she wants to have sex, she will let you know. It's always nice anyway Daddies, to just be laying near her when she rests. Spoon-snuggle positions are always endearing. A great time to feel the baby together too!
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  • Changing bodily sensations: The occasional milk-leaking tender breasts or extra-sensitive pelvic sensations, extra vaginal discharges or maybe even very light spotting after sex, are all common bodily changes in prepping the mum for the growth and delivery of the baby. So parents, don't get too uptight about it. Find alternative g-spots or enjoy the natural lubrication and possibly even a little more tightness due to the swelling of the pelvis area during pregnancy sex. The exploratory pregnancy sex journey itself can be bond-strengthening and even fun!

Generally speaking, it is not unsafe to have sex during pregnancy. But just to be on the safer side, you might want to consult doctor for any doubts you may have. What is often under-discussed, is the emotional part of this lack of intimacy. It’s important that you talk to each other about the new sensations, changes and feelings.

The lack of bodily or communication contact can play a substantial role in putting stress on the relationship for any couple. Intimacy is key in relationship health. Find ways to fill each other's needs and enjoy each other. This is a great time to nurture your relationship too. Doing a romantic getaway before baby comes is a great way to release some stress and enjoy the couple moments before busying yourselves with the new baby when it comes.

And so the usual saying goes, "Happy parents make for a happy baby"!  So new mums and dads, enjoy the pregnancy. It is a unique moment and a miracle of life's creation, the fruition of your love. At Amour Lingerie, we wish all new mums and dads a happy and safe journey from pregnancy to the birth of a happy, healthy child.


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